Callista Gingrick, File Photo (KRT Campus)

By Albert Vuoso

Callista Gingrich, wife of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and president of the multimedia production company Gingrich Productions, came to speak to both the Salve Regina and Newport community on the evening of April 16 in the Antone Center.

The College Republican chapter at Salve Regina was responsible for hosting and coordinating the event.

Gingrich spoke about American exceptionalism and the importance of rebuilding patriotism in our youth.

“America is an exceptional nation”, Gingrich stated.


Gingrich reflected on her patriotic childhood growing up in Whitehall, Wis. With fond memories of singing the national anthem in elementary school and patriotic songs in middle school, Gingrich said she was dismayed that eighth graders in US school systems cannot explain the Declaration of Independence, and that nearly 90 percent of high school students cannot explain the interaction between the three branches of government.

Gingrich also spoke about the innovators of US history, such as Jefferson, Ford and Franklin, who have added innovation, patriotism, and entrepreneur spirit to an exceptional nation.

Gingrich briefly commented on the presidential election and stated that her family and the other presidential hopeful families have bonded through this rollercoaster experience. Gingrich also commented on the goal to see a Republican in office next year and the removal of President Obama.

During the meet and greet that took place after the speech, the Mosaic asked Gingrich about the importance of youths’ involvement in the political process.

“This is your future,” Gingrich told Mosaic, stressing the importance of taking a stance in this pivotal election in history. Through Gingrich’s various outreaches to College Republican chapters, it is evident tosee her devotion to educating and sparking a sense of patriotism in American students that may unfortunately have been lost.

Senior Marie Foti told Mosaic, “We all agreed that her remarks were truly heartfelt and genuine. We wish her all the best, wherever life may take her and her family.”


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