By Henry Nickerson | Public Relations Coordinator

The leaves are beginning to change, Starbucks is pushing pumpkin-spiced everything, and red flannel isn’t solely for Green Day concerts anymore. That’s right, it is Fall. Enjoy The Mosaic’s definitive playlist for easy Autumn listening.

1. “Bike Dream” – Rostam

The ex-Vampire Weekend keyboardist and producer Rostam Batmanglij released his first LP, “Half-Light,” under the name Rostam earlier this month. Rostam delivers a solid listen, blending the baroque-rock style of early Vampire Weekend and his fearless approach to production. “Bike Dream” is both the most accessible and catchy song on the album. Should be listened to during fall early-morning walks/workouts.

2. “Plastic Soul” – Mondo Cozmo

There is a reason Mondo Cozmo’s debut album bears the same title as his most popular song— because it’s a banger. Traces of The Beta Band and LCD Soundsystem echo throughout this swelling ballad that make for an enjoyable listen. It may even bring about a sweet, wistful memory of an ex.

3. “All My Little Words” – The Magnetic Fields

In a sixty-nine song album, odds are there will be at least one good track. Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields crafted his “69 Love Songs” album to be both lovely and exhausting. The third track is “All My Little Words,” a song which is simplistic and beautifully written. Very good for dates involving matching red flannels.

4. “Bye Bye Baby” – Noname

The ninth track off of Fatima Warner’s debut album “Telefone” under the alias Noname (formerly Noname Gypsy) is a perfect example of the distinctive nostoglia-rap genre coming out of Chicago’s hip-hop scene. Nonane has shown off her talent on multiple tracks of Chance the Rapper’s. However, this album cemented her sound and brought her into the periphery of a lot of big-name artists. If you like this song, definitely listen to the rest of the album.

5. “Come For Me” – Twin Peaks

For the past four months, the Chicago psychedelic garage-rock band Twin Peaks (no relation to the show) has been putting out singles on the first Wednesday of every month. Their plan is to have a full length album to release by the end of twelve months. Their latest single “Come For Me”, is by far the catchiest of their released singles. This is great for kicking back with friends in some light sweater weather.

6. “American Dream” – LCD Soundsystem

So LCD Soundsystem’s send-off was great, but their welcome home was equally fantastic. Among the first two singles released by the band before their LP “American Dream” was this track bearing the same name. James Murphy and company bring it with a swelling ballad that strikes a chord with the current political climate.

7. “Jocelyn Flores” – XXXTENTACION

To say XXXTENTACION is a controversial artist would be a grand understatement. To say X’s new album “17” is a diversion from his old material, would be an equally grand understatement. The album itself is alright. Some say it is too whiny and uninspired, some say it is a masterpiece, among the latter being Kendrick Lamar. However, the LP’s second track “Jocelyn Flores” has an accessible hook and a tragic story that makes for somber listen. This is extreme rainy day territory.

8. “Gone At Last (Demo)” – Paul Simon and Phoebe Snow

Paul Simon and Phoebe Snow’s gospel-pop track “Gone At Last” rounds off the A-side of “Still Crazy After All These Years” exuberantly. However, with the 2004 remastered re-release of the album came the stripped-down demo. Void of the piano that carries the original recording musically, the Jessy Dixon Singers provide a chord progression a cappella while african djebes hold the rhythm. The end result is an afro-beat gospel track that’ll leave one saying “Hallelujah!”

9. “No Name No. 5” – Elliot Smith

No autumn playlist can be compete without Elliot Smith. The late singer-songwriter crafts a great album in “Either/Or” which features this underrated track. This is very atmospheric, so it works well with books and anything pumpkin spice.

10. “Social Sites” – Cosmo Pyke

Number ten comes off London nineteen year old Cosmo Pyke’s debut EP “Just Cosmo”. There is no other way to say it; this psychedelic reggae song is like, so chill. Cosmo’s vocals are strongly accented with high reverb for another great atmospheric song. This is for a day for when your fall aesthetic is strong. Kick back and relax, finals are so far away!

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