By Claire Latsko | Co-Editor-In-Chief 

Finals week has arrived! The end of the semester is always a drag, but you can get through it with a bit more ease if you take the time to make a plan and utilize some good study habits. Before your stress levels reach an all time high, take a moment for some deep breaths, and maybe consider a few of these tips when you’re studying for your exams or trying to finish up an essay.

1. Set daily goals for yourself

Try to make each day productive, and accomplish a few tasks, big or small. I like to create a to do list every morning during finals week, and try to make time to finish each thing on the list. Setting daily goals for yourself gives you time to focus on each day as opposed to all the other things you need to accomplish later in the week. Focus just on what you need to get accomplished that day.

2. Study small bits of information at a time

Trying to shove every single fact about U.S. history or nursing into your head in one night is quite impossible…unfortunately. Dividing your studying into chunks allows you to really focus on each section of material, and legitimately learn it. Also, studying in bursts and taking a good break every few hours will help keep you from going stir crazy in the library or your dorm.

3. Make study guides

Something I’ve found so helpful is to turn the study guides my professors give me into review sheets. If I’m given a list of terms, I take time to type out a definition for each one. If it’s a bunch of possible essay questions, then I create a list of main points that I would use to possibly answer that question on the exam. Rewriting (or retyping) out information is a good use of repetition, which will help you memorize information. Also, it’s great to have one packet of paper with all your information to study instead of wasting time rifling through notes and readings.

4. Take some time to be alone

In the wake of finals week, you may find yourself clinging to your friends for emotional support, or desperately trying to set up an informal study group with some of the people in your class. Try to avoid doing this if you can. Doing homework surrounded by a group of friends will distract you. Also, people like to project their stress onto other people, and you don’t need any extra stress that isn’t even yours occupying your mind. Set aside some time to sit by yourself in the library, or shut the door to your bedroom. Put on some headphones and focus on what you need to get done. Use your break time to talk to your friends and only project all of your stress onto them if completely necessary.

5. Actually get some sleep

Getting a solid amount of sleep is so important! I think this is the most important thing to do during finals week, or any week of the year for that matter. Your mind and body need rest in order to function properly. I’ve realized that I am able to retain more information if I get a few extra hours of sleep. Sometimes getting most of an essay done, going to sleep, and then waking up in the morning to finish is a good way to let your writing rest, and allows you to see what you have done with fresh eyes. Also, I try to only pull one all-nighter during finals week…but take a pillow and blanket with you to the library just in case you need to snooze for a few minutes

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