By Henry Nickerson| Associate Editor

You don’t need a Valentine to celebrate Valentine’s Day; at least that’s what Bryce and I believe. With only twenty dollars in our pockets, Bryce and I attempted to spend a day  “bro dating” on a budget. Heck, one could even go on these dates with an actual Valentine.

1.Cru Cafe

Cru Cafe is Newport coffee spot that is truly a hidden gem. With friendly staff and hip decor, Cru Cafe is good for on the go coffee or a sit down breakfast. Bryce and I ordered the Cru Breakfast, and were happy to find the taste and price were stellar. Cru’s proximity to Salve makes it a prime spot for early morning coffee dates and lavish brunches.

Bryce and Henry sleepily enjoy their Cru Breakfast.

2. The Newport Winery Farmer’s Market

After getting our coffee fix, Bryce and I joined some friends in the Hydroponics Club to sell some hydro-kale, lettuce, and basil at the Newport Winery Farmer’s Market. Newport’s farm-to-table community is friendly and approachable, offering free samples of everything from hummus to scones. After purchasing some cider off an apple farmer from Coventry, Bryce and I relaxed and listened to buskers playing folk music near the booths. A wonderful place for weekend morning dates, the farmer’s market is open every Saturday morning.

Bryce and Henry observe bakery items at the Farmer’s Market.

3. Ocean Drive

The ocean, the sun, the air; what can be better? Newport’s famous Ocean Drive serves as a perfect setting for sunset drives. The old road is sandwiched between the lavish wealth of cliffside manors and the sprawling Atlantic Ocean. Bryce and I reclined our seats, turned on Mosaic’s Valentine’s Day Playlist, and enjoyed Newport’s beautiful skyline. The best part about it? It didn’t cost a nickel.

Bryce and Henry take a cruise on historic Ocean Drive during sunset.

4. Newport Creamery

Newport Creamery is a Rhode Island classic that is perfect for dates on a budget. Featuring diner classics like grilled cheese and macaroni, Newport Creamery is reminiscent of a 50’s hangout spot. After our delicious meals, Bryce and I dug into hot fudge sundaes and a classic Awful Awful to finish off the day. Having only spent twenty dollars on the day, Bryce and I felt closer then ever after hitting our favorite date destinations.

Bryce and Henry enjoy desserts at Newport Creamery.

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